Data Requests

As an InspirED school we will ask you for certain data in relation to the children and young people taking part. Our colleague Helen Reid, from Somerset County Council explains why:

The Somerset Compact has granted money to provide arts education through InspirEd, the Somerset Arts Education Network.  This network has a number of providers, working collectively under contract to SCC.  Under this contract, they are obliged to collect basic details of the children that they teach, provide performances for, or otherwise involve in arts based activity.  The information relates to details of children and statistical information. In most cases, a copy of the register for that lesson is all that is required. For example, if an activity is delivered to whole class/es of children at a school, we would like the school office to assist by downloading a simple report of children in the classes/es from “SIMS” (Schools Information Management System) with the school name, child’s name, date of birth, year group and class name included.

Therefore, under the agreement that you have with SCC to share data, you may legally provide basic details of children who have benefited from arts activities provided by the following organisations whose contracts with the Local Authority stipulate that they must comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act:

Somerset Film,
Take Art,
Somerset Art Works

It is important that we are able to report accurately and thank you for your cooperation in this.”


If you have any concerns about providing data, please contact Helen Reid on 01823 355329.  


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